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Gone are the days when a single pair of stonewashed jeans went with everything. Deep wardrobes need diverse denim and that mean cut as well as colour. From slim jeans to faded favourites, here is our guide for what to buy and how to wear it.

1. Indigo
Purists will tell you that the finest jeans are raw, crisp and completely unwashed. They're right but they're uncompromising. Softened indigo jeans achieve the same aesthetic without the stiffness, and both look brilliant with warm colours.
Style Tip: Double the turn-up on raw jeans for a crisp contrast between the dark indigo and the un-dyed denim below.
2. Grey
Black shoes and blue jeans can be a bit of a bruising combination, but vintage-wash grey denim perfectly offsets a pair of boots and a leather jacket for the ideal gig-going outfit.
Style Tip: Some denim looks a bit foolish when you belt it – but good grey jeans are beautiful when buckled.
3. Slim
With skinny jeans back in fashion, courtesy Hollywood stars, it is the ideal cut for men who don't want their blood supply cut off to their feet.
Style Tip: The blazer and jeans combo has become the menswear cliché of the millennium.
Breathe fresh life into it with darker denim for a seamless, almost suit-like look.
4. Faded
With much distressed denim acceptable only for extrovert teenagers, opting for dirty washed jeans is the best way to get that scruffed-up, lived-in feel without the obvious scars of artificial ageing.
Style Tip: Faded jeans suit a loose, woodsman kind of cut and look great with interesting textures. Pair it with anything from graphical t-shirts from Zainab Market and Dolmen to chic custom made shirts from Zamzama.

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