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Here's how to pull off glitter, shimmer, and feathers in ways that are show stopping
Multibraid Bun
Multibraid Bun
Try this chignon with a twist when you don't have time to wash your hair. Brush your hair into a low ponytail. Split the ponytail into three sections of varying thickness, then braid each section. Next, take one of the braids and wind it around the base of the two remaining braids. Bobby-pin it in place as you wind, to form the base of the bun. Do the same with the remaining braids until you have a complete bun. If your hair is short, here's a different strategy: Pull your hair back to the extent that you can, slide in an elastic or a barrette, and build the chignon using a clip-in Peacock Eyesbraided extension.
Peacock Eyes
For the iridescent effect, apply a skin-toned primer on your entire lid to prevent creasing. Then top with a richly pigmented blue shadow. Next, apply a bright violet shadow on just the lid's center – the most visible part – for added drama. And to really set the look aflutter, glue on feather Shimmery Lipseyelashes.
Shimmery Lips
Nothing gives you a little razzle-dazzle quite like sparkle. For the elegant mega-wattage of the look, you'll need a double dose of colour. First apply glittery lipstick, then follow with a just-as-sparkly gloss in a similar colour for extra intensity and shine. If you want to play it safer, you can simply top the lipstick with a pat of shimmery metallic eye shadow in the centre of your lower lip. This gives you a more subtle, less wet effect. This technique also produces longer-lasting results, since the powder seals in the Feathered Ponytailcreamy base.
Feathered Ponytail
Plumes send your style quotient soaring, and they're a sophisticated way to get in on the hair-feather trend. First you'll have to take a trip to the craft store for a multifeather plume. One that contrasts with your hair colour gives you an eye-catching (and head-turning) effect. Next, gather your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with an elastic. Slip the base of the feather under the elastic, then wrap a thin section of hair from the ponytail around the elastic to hide it. Hold the wrap and the feather in place with Glitter-dipped Lashesone strategically placed bobby pin.
Glitter-dipped Lashes
This fanciful touch is just barely noticeable – until someone gets close. You'll need: a set of false lashes, an eyelash adhesive, a straight pin, and fine glitter. First cover the tips of the false lashes with eyelash adhesive. Separate them with the straight pin as needed. While the lash tips are still wet, dip them in the glitter; set them aside to dry for about 10 minutes. Next, apply the lash adhesive to the lash strips and place them on your lids, as close to the lash lines as possible. For a toned-down effect, not to mention a less ambitious art project, coat your lashes in black mascara, then sweep a glittery mascara An Elaborate Updoonto just the lash tips.
An Elaborate Updo
Like a meringue cake, this style will earn you huge points for presentation and is relatively easy to produce. The key is keeping your hair soft and pliable, so the updo looks "chic and spontaneous – like a gorgeous accident, rather than like a bad prom moment. Begin by prepping dry hair with a healthy dose of mousse for hold that lasts. Next, blast your roots with a dryer while lifting the hair with your fingertips to build volume. Smooth the ends with a round brush. Then pull back your hair to the nape of your neck and twist it up, toward the crown, into "an old-school French twist". Anchor the updo with a long, strong bobby pin and let the ends stick out at the top. Last, take thin sections of this loose spray of hair and haphazardly wrap them around the uppermost part of the twist, securing them with bobby pins. Set with soft-hold hair spray.

Suit Your Makeup to Your Mood
Four ways makeup can easily and subtly transform your look
Suit Your Makeup to Your Mood
Change Up Your Makeup
Being properly made-up can give you just the boost of confidence you need to feel your best in every situation. To prove the point, here we have give four different looks to a same model according to different moods. Learn these easy tricks to look gorgeous in any mood.
The Sophisticate
When you want to look: Bold
How to Do It:
Start with a spotless, matte canvas (makeup-artist-speak for foundation, concealer, and powder). Play up your eyes (when they make an impact, you do, too) with a swipe of black liquid liner across the upper lids and a coat of black mascara. Not handy with liquid liner? Dip a piece of dental Suit Your Makeup to Your Moodfloss into the tube, hold it taut, then lay it right at the base of your lashes for a perfect line every time. Swipe on red lipstick (or pencil) and matching nail polish to complete the look. To find the right reds for you, try cooler (bluish) reds if your skin is very pale or dark; warmer (orangey) reds if it's olive or golden.
The Romantic
When you want to look: Flirty
How to Do It:
After prepping skin with foundation or tinted moisturizer and concealer, dust on a powder cheek colour (it lasts longer than a cream formula). Pick a shadow that subtly accentuates your eyes but is still noticeable, like gray, lavender, or even burgundy. Then curl your lashes and sweep on mascara. Add shine and hydration to your mouth with a cream lipstick that is close to the colour of your lips.
Suit Your Makeup to Your Mood
The Glamour Girl
When you want to look: Elegant
How to Do It:
When you're going all out, everything should be a bit more pronounced. So once you've evened out your skin, turn your attention to your eyes. Most women don't sport smoky eyes daily, so that instantly gets attention. Use a deep gray shadow from the bases of the upper lash lines to just above the creases, as well as below the lower lash lines (pretend you're drawing a halo of colour around each eye).
Add a black glitter liner to the inner rim of your lower lash lines. It catches the light and makes your eyes sparkle. Next, brush on copious amounts of mascara. To round out the look, apply a rosy colour to lips and cheeks. This is an essential step; otherwise, your heavily made-up eyes will overwhelm your face. Simpler yet, dab your lipstick on lips and cheeks.

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