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Bright Purple Retro Checkered Leather Belt
Yes we are conceited; we have a reason to be. A look into what defines Karachi Style. A city can leave a lasting impression. I know this for a fact. I’ve learnt this as a nine year old observing immaculately chic men and women and instantly falling in love with Paris and again as an 18 year old enamored with the contagiously aggressive confident energy that all New Yorkers magically seem to possess. The choice of cities will most probably not be surprising.

These cities have inspired countless more. This is what makes Karachi’s homage to fashion even more unique and uplifting. Here amongst the chaos, the strikes, and the general disillusionment, the Karachiites have never forgotten to dress exactly how they want to.
For Fashion Wizard Syed Rizwanullah this entails being effortlessly chic. With pride for his home city he added, “Karachi has its own flair, people don’t make as much of an effort to look a certain way as they do in other cities. They simply want to enjoy themselves”.

The Karachiites have been able to pick out that which is still vibrant and positive from within the city and display it in their attire, making their own statement and leaving an indelible mark on the world. It is this originality that Sania Maskatiya hones in on when asked to describe Karachi fashion. The dynamo designer remarked on the interesting ways that her clientele find to make each piece their own distinct look.
No reflection on fashion would be complete without an opinion from iconic designer Maheen Khan who embodies the very nature of the Karachiites unique yet distinct fashion aesthetic. Ms. Khan feels that the most inherent Karachi fashion trait is that “there is a lovely fusion of different styles here. You see an edge to Karachi designers as well as the inhabitants and almost anything goes.”

You see, the Karachiites know themselves well. They wear their clothes; their clothes don’t wear them. The Karachiites have their own sense of style and it is ever changing. It is a reflection of their state of mind and it isn’t necessarily following any particular trend. There are no fashion faux pas because anything is game. Kameez lengths are up and down. Frills, bows, glitter, sparkle and just about every color can be seen. It’s a look that is inspirational because it is a reflection of the unwavering endurance and confidence that Karachiites carry themselves with.  So here’s a salute to the Karachiites. Please never let go of that which makes you so inspirational, yourself.
If tomorrow you are leaning towards wearing red pants, go for it, if your fathers comfortable old kurta entices you don’t hesitate. It is this that makes you who you are. Bold, original and fearless.

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