What is the tip to buy a Saree on Fastive Occation ?

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Here is Tips on How to purchase saree ?

Saree or Sari is the one outfit that every Indian woman loves the most. How much modern she becomes but on certain occasions she likes wearing saree only. Saree is the most charming Indian outfit. It makes a woman look graceful, stylish, elegant and sensuous.
But every saree is not for every woman. Purchasing sari is a very tricky task that requires proper understanding and knowledge. Scroll below for knowing the same.
How to Buy a Saree
    Saree should always be purchased depending on one’s physique. Thus heavy or plus size women should always go for sarees in Georgette, chiffon or chignon fabric. Also heavy Mysore silk sarees look good on heavy women. These sarees also makes heavy women look slimmer.
On the contrary thin or slim women should buy sarees made of fabrics like Organza, Cotton, Tissue and Tussar. Thin women look fuller in them which in turn make them look good to look at. These fabric sarees work tremendously on them.
Lehenga Volume
When short height women go to purchase saree they should look for saris with small borders or no borders. Small border sarees gives them an illusion of height. While big borders sarees make short women look shorter than they are. Thus be away from them.
On tall women almost every saree look best. Small border sarees, big border sarees etc. all enhances their show. Being of tall height is an added advantage in it.
Plus size women should avoid wearing big print sarees as they tend to make them look huge. On the other hand slim women can wear big and small printed both saris.
Dark complexioned women should always wear dark color saris like maroon, green, purple, dark blue, dark pink etc. These colors give them nice and fabulous look.
Fair complexioned women look good in dark and pastel color both saris.
Remembering these simple tips while buying a saree will make your shopping enjoyable experience and you will end up in purchasing a masterpiece for you. Saree is no doubt classic attire but gives classic look when worn in accordance to your figure. 

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