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A lot of planning and money goes into attending a formal event like a shadi or mehndi. If you are spending an exorbitant amount on a beautiful ensemble, then you should also go for perfect accessories and perfect makeover that complements your overall look. While considering your ornament choices pick the ones that suit your personality and your formal outfit and find that unique piece that complements you. Nowadays a great selection of gold, kundan, rhinestone and beaded jewellery options are available. Matching necklace and earring sets offer an effortless solution to your pulled-together formal look. Whereas, dangling earrings and traditional teekas let you glam up your look while keeping it traditional at the same time! As far your beautiful makeover is concerned, whether you go for a smoky style to complement your dark dress, or perhaps something light and fresh to match your pastel hues is up to you. Therefore, it is vital that your outfit coordinates well with everything else otherwise you will fail to make an impression. Similarly, it is important to opt for an elegant hairstyle as well in order to maintain your stunning formal look. Whatever you choices are, make sure it complements your dress and overall appearance and you are sure to get the perfect look.

I Hair & Makeup:Ravissant Salon
I Outfits:Karma by Maheen Kardar Ali
I Coordination:Umer Mushtaq
I Photography:Shahbaz Shazi
I Model:Fouzia Aman


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