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Eid is festival that brings out every traditional aspect of our lives, no matter how western we go in terms of everyday fashion. Whether it is office wear, casual wear or even the formality of wedding receptions, most men stick to jeans, slick suits and ties. Nevertheless, this is of the few times of the year that men prefer to wear traditional outfits. Irrespective of the sherwani worn during the shadi function, or the kurta worn at a mehndi event, or even the run-of-the-mill kurtas for Friday prayers, Eid is a time when you decide to wear that special number to stand out from the rest. It doesn't matter if it's the same old kurta, because for Eid, most men go for a little change in design. A little embroidery here and a little there, a change from the monochromatic buttons for a contrasting metallic or wooden type, and even a change in the choice of colours. Whatever change is opted for while prepping up a wardrobe for this festival, is a change that is welcomed. Here we'll point out some design aspects to keep in mind while choosing your Eid outfit:
While choosing for fabrics, do not go for the heavier 100% cotton, unless you like to walk with a chip on your shoulder, and have a thing for the fully starched crisp shalwar kameez. Keeping the weather in mind, it'll be best to avoid this kind. Choose blended cotton instead, that gives a better flow, and is easy on the Desi Style!body in terms of comfort. For a more formal feel, you can opt from a variety of silk types, but make sure they don't reflect all the lights in the room.
Less is more! Keep your kurta subtle with minimal embroidery along the button placket. If that isn't enough, take it a notch higher by including the collar and the cuffs too. Contrasting threadwork is always preferred, so that the intricacy of the embroidery is not camouflaged with the colour of the fabric. If your tastes are extravagant and the less is more philosophy doesn't apply to you, you can go for heavy embroidery on the front, just make sure that the extravagance is in tune with the width of your chest.
Collar & Cuffs
Collar styles don't really vary much. There are two main styles, the shirt collar and the mandarin collar, locally known as the sherwani collar. The latter varies in width mostly, with most design houses choosing a 0.75 inch width for their collars; anything beyond an inch is a little outdated now. Also, you can either overlap the collar, with or without a button, or choose for a cut style instead. It all depends upon you.
As for cuffs, a shirt collar requires a cuff of the similar family, whilst for the sherwani collar, you can play with the cuffs by telling your tailor to simply over-lock the edges of the cuff with a thread of the same Desi Style!colour and not stitch it on the inside.
If you don't instruct your tailor about any specific buttons, he will probably put on the transparent plastic or monochromatic buttons that will disappear into the colour of the fabric! Go for a contrast instead, visit lace shops and thread stores and buy some exquisite buttons. You will be surprised to find a huge a variety of exquisitely designed buttons in both wood and metal. If your button placket is simple, you can choose any of the wooden or metallic buttons types. But if your button placket has threadwork, go for a simple button, that wont clash with the embroidery around it.
For lower wear, do not choose pyjamas if you have skinny legs, as it will totally ruin the look of your entire outfit. White colour is the usually preferred choice, whilst for shalwars, do not go for black unless your kurta is black coloured. Black shalwars are a total fashion faux pas!

Footwear This Eid
Peshawari ChappalEid is around the corner, and men of all age groups are vying to go get the perfect pair of footwear to match with their traditional kurta. Whether it's leather slip-ons, or strappier ones, men's sandals are always designed to be cool, relaxed and comfortable. Since the Eid season is around the corner, a lot of old and new designs are being stocked everywhere. Here are some popular styles that are trending these days!
Peshawari Chappal
The traditional choice of footwear for every festival remains the same. The Peshawari chappal, despite its evolution into the khaerys, and its difference in designs, is still a popular item in every shoe store. You will find two variety, the hand-stitched one that has been made with pure leather, and the machine-stitched, that you will find in common shoe stores. Trust us, and go for the hand-stitched variety, it is bound to have a long life if you take care Kolhapuri Chappalof the leather well!
Kolhapuri Chappal
Another popular traditional footwear is the Kolhapuri chappal. You can easily find these in nagra shoe stores, in a variety of styles and colours, the rounded edge, the concave-edged and also the more oval-shaped ones. Available in black, brown and the original light brown shades, you can choose depending upon your style and outfit. But if we were to suggest which one to go with, we would recommend the original light brown shade, as the polish Slip-ons & Slidersof the other two colours easily wears off and doesn't last long.
Slip-ons & Sliders
The simpler, the better! Slip-ons or slide sandals are the much sought after casual footwear for men. They are quite comfortable and easy to slip-on and off. Without a Slip-ons & Slidersthong, this type of sandals is usually made of rubber. Whilst it's a sandal style that has remained popular throughout the years, footwear manufacturers often come up with evolved designs of the same kind. You can Flip-Flopseasily sport these with your Eid kurta and even wear them with your jeans!
Flip-flops are actually another name for thong sandals. They are a popular choice amongst men of all ages. Easy to wear, flip flops provide maximum comfort and are versatile in nature, so you can wear them Flip-Flopsanywhere you want. The class and type varies according to the material used to make them. If flip-flops are made of leather, and in dark colours, choose them for semi-formal use; if they are made of rubber and are in brighter shades, you can Strappy Sandalssafely buy them for casual use, around the house.

Strappy Sandals
If you are looking for some casual sandals for this season, look no further than strappy sandals. These sandals really look trendy and can go well with most outfits. They are a craze among the younger lot, because these can be easily Strappy Sandalspaired with jeans and shalwar-kurtas. They give your feet more comfort and allow them to wiggle freely inside the sandals. Wearing them, you will gain more safety without losing the style.
So, when Eid arrives, you have quite a few choices to go for! Try going for sleek leather sandals, in either of these designs, because the colour and material will be perfect for a formal Eid dinner, and will go perfectly with your traditional outfit. If that doesn't suit your taste, opt for the strappy ones that almost every footwear company is making these days. Make sure that you wear according to your size and foot-type!

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