10 Beauty Secrets Every Woman Must Know

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10 Beauty Secrets Every
Woman Must Know

Try out these expert tips to get perfect hair, makeup, and skin 

Add Layers

To add length or volume to your hair, steer clear of extensions in not-found-in-nature colors and textures that don't blend with your own. Also, since it's difficult to disguise the point of attachment, use hairpieces just to lengthen aTwo Minute Blowdryponytail or fatten an undo.
Two Minute Blowdry
When you're strapped for time, do the T-zone blow-dry: down your part and around your hairline only. As long Golden Locksas the front and top of your hair looks finished, so will you.

Golden Locks
Blonde hair – especially if it's porous – absorbs gray light, making it look dull New Bang Theoryand flat. Adding the warm apricot lowlights complements paler winter skin, and a gloss is essential to seal the hair and reflect shine.
New Bang Theory
A fringe shaping or "dusting" revives a cut, opens up the face, and can therefore help stretch out the time between appointments. An expert cut on long hair can look fresh for up to threeTry Before You Buymonths, but short hair is a little less forgiving.

Try Before You Buy
Prior to committing to a haircut with a pricey new stylist, go for a blow-dry first. You'll get an inexpensive sample of her taste and personality.

Flawless Updo
Flawless Updo
After you've secured your undo, spritz a clean mascara wand with hairspray and comb up from the nape of the neck toward Va-va-voom Volumethe bun to smooth down any stray hairs. Also do this above the ears. Only the bun should have a messy texture.
Va-va-voom Volume
To add height to hair, spray volumiser at the roots and blow-dry while lifting sections with a brush. Tease hair at the crown, then bobby-pin the pieces low at the back, sweeping them over the top of
High-Tech Curlsyour ears.
High-Tech Curls
For the perfect curl, grab a ceramic curling iron that uses Tourmaline technology. Tourmaline is a natural crystal commonly used because of its negative ionic charge, which eliminates frizz and closes your hair cuticle, whilePlump Puckerceramic irons distribute heat evenly on rods, meaning there are no "hot spots" that can burn hair and cause damage.
Plump Pucker
For fuller lips, go for a glossy look. Try first outlining the perimeter of your lips using a concealer brush dipped in bronzer two shades deeper than your skin tone. Then, top pout with gold, peach, or coral gloss.

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