Bridal make-overs | Model: Sidra Batool

Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful on her wedding day. From bridal makeovers to the bridal ornaments, each process is often planned far in advance. As far as your makeover is concerned, on your wedding day you can choose to glamorise your look, however, it's better not to take on a huge risk. The basics are really all that you may need for your big day. Look for a foundation which will give you a dewy glow, without leading to shine. Choose waterproof mascara for your lashes. Choose a matching lip colour for your lips and forgo heavy lip liners and lipsticks. Make your eyes the highlight of your face, by applying a rich hue of brown, gray or metallic tones to your lids. Smudge darker coloured eyeliner onto the top of your upper lash line for a smoky effect. Keep in mind that your bridal makeover should suit you.
Don't wait until your wedding day to try something new, or you could be in for a bad surprise. Not only could your makeup look bad but it could also cause an allergic reaction if not tried before. However, a flawless bridal look is incomplete without beautiful and elegant jewellery. Nowadays, silver metal jewellery which is usually gold-plated is in vogue. These gold-plated bridal jewellery sets are usually adorned with beautiful beads, pearls, stones and crystals etc. Besides matching silver and gold plated jewellery, kundan is always in huge demand. Bridal ornaments come in various different styles and colours. Hence, you can choose from whatever style strikes your fancy. The thing to remember is, to keep your bridal look simple and elegant. Don't overdo it or you'll end up with makeup and gems that will outshine you!

* Makeup & Photography: Wajid Khan 
* Jewellery: Anum Yazdani 
* Designer: Basit 
* Coordination: Thomas Fernandes
* Styling: T-Factor 
* Model: Sidra Batool 


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