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Be An Autumn BeautyTurn over a new leaf and update your make-up bag with autumn's key colours

Changing your entire wardrobe for the new season can be a daunting and expensive prospect. But overhauling your make-up routine doesn't have to be so drastic and needn't cost the earth. A gradual shift from nudes and pales to dusky and dramatic can have the effect of transforming your appearance with a simple slick of lipstick or swift sweep of eyeshade. This autumn, the mood is one of Gothic elegance, all dark eyes or lips teamed with pale skin – choose your favourite feature and amp up the drama. When it comes to party time, feel free to go even wilder with full-throttle fashion looks. It's officially time to evolve into a beautiful new season!
Line Up
Eyeliner has never been out of fashion, but architectural dramatic sweeps are big news for autumn. Catwalk looks experimented with cute kitten flicks, soft smudged edges and bold sharp spikes as a means of creating different impressions. Smoky eyes were achieved using multiple levels of black for a winged out graphic, feline effect.
Go back to basics and pencil on thick lines along the lower and upper lash lines with a liquid eyeliner, but Be An Autumn Beautyalways remember to flatter your eye shape.
Glossy Glamour
Forget matte and give your pout a new-season twist with a high-gloss look. It's grown-up, decadent and deliciously bold teamed with on-trend dark berry colours.
You don't have to invest in a new gloss colour. Try a deep burgundy or claret lipstick and add a layer of thick, clear gloss to instantly transform your lips. You should look as though you've just polished off a delicious bowl of cherries.
Bleach Babe
Ditch the dark eyebrow pencil for this futuristic trend. Eyebrows have gone pale and interesting.
No drastic tweezer or bleach-bottle action is required. Brows can be paled down with a pencil that blends the hairs so they almost fade into your skin tone. Removing your eyebrows like this takes away one of your face's key features, moving the emphasis on to others like cheekbones, lips or eyes for added Be An Autumn Beautydrama.
Purple Power
A quick perusal of seasonal shades is highly recommended, eye-popping purple is the standout colour.
Lips, eyes and nails, there's no feature escaping this purple reign. For an accessible look, use purple to update a classic smoky eye. It's a colour that complements all complexions, and is especially wearable with a hint of metallic for evening glamour.
From vibrant violet to sultry amethyst, there's a shade of purple for everyone.
Luxe Beauty
Baroque decadence is a key trend for new-season fashion, and the look extends to faces. Get a gilt-edged glow, golden eyelids or try a gold-leaf lacquer on nails to look uber-expensive. Chanel even used heavily embellished crystal eyebrows on the catwalk. To go extra-subtle, use a hint of gold as a highlighter on your cupid's bow to give your lips a touch of luxe.
If you're opting for the lavish look, keep your skin fresh and modern, and hair chic and simple.

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