Fashion Fantasy

Pret-a-porter is a broad term that can be applied on many types of apparels. While local designers and even the budding ones, come up with collections to please the west-brigade, only a few stick to the traditional roots. For an environment like ours, where festivals, family gatherings and numerous dawats fill most of the social time-table, it is only apt that our outfits befit the occasion. For not-so-formal events, tights with long flared shirts are a safe bet; and shirts with traditional designs, motifs and threadwork, always look good. Always go for brighter hues as they are bound to make your outfit stand out. The yellow number with white laces and embroidery on the bodice, is perfect for regular wear. While the black and red outfits, with traditional graphically printed designs are again a risk-free choice. The white kurta, with its slit collar and parallel black strip of lace running on the sides, looks a class apart from the rest and is our pick from these!

I Hair & Make-up: Khawar Riaz
I Photography: Yasser Sadiq
I Designer: Salman @ Origin
I Model: Huma Khan


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