10 Makeup tips to make your eyes look Bigger

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10 Makeup tips to make your eyes look BiggerBy: May Rostom
We all want bigger eyes with fluttering eyelashes but most of us have a crease coming in the way of our dream of big eyes. With these 10 tips here, learn how to make your eyes pop.
1. White eye shadow is your friend: Using a white/ highlighter pen, apply white eye shadow on the inner corner of your eyes to make the whites look brighter and your eyes look bigger.
2. Big Lashes: whether you decide to invest in a voluminous mascara or get eyelash extensions, the bigger your lashes, the bigger your eyes. Curl your eyelashes first to open up your eyes then apply your mascara/ false lashes. When choosing lashes, use the singles and stay away from your lower lashes.
3. Trim your brows: bold and thick eye browse are so in right now but be careful because they need maintenance. Stay away from too thick because you want to open up the eye area and not cover it up in brow-hair.
4. Hide your crease: using darker eye shadow (for a smokey effect) color your crease. Using your eyeliner pencil, drag the line all the way up to the corner of the crease as to maximize the area you're working with.
5. Easy with the eye-liner: don’t line the entire low lid of your eyes. Line only the outer half using Kohl or Gel-based liners. Use a brighter colored liner for the inner half. Make sure you go thicker on the outer corners of the lower eye lid, and thinner towards the inside.
6. Decoy: take attention off your eyes by using a FLASHY lipstick instead. Don’t apply any makeup to your eyes (only mascara) and focus on the lips instead. This decoy technique is the oldest trick in the book.
7. Color away: using different, bright colors can make your eyes look bigger. Always concentrate your eye shadow at the center of the eye lid and use the darker colors towards the corner and eyebrow.
8. Extend: feel free to take your eye shadow all the way beyond your eye space. By extending eye shadow to more than the brow line, this would give more space to work with when applying eye shadow.
9. Highlight the right parts: a highlighter can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Figure out how to use a highlighter and highlight the brow bone, cheek bone, inner corner of the eyes, and voila! Bigger eyes!
10. Monotones: sticking to one color or a palette of similar colors is better than dabbing on the whole makeup palette on your eye lids. The less colors you use, the better and bigger your eyes will seem. Make sure to always use colors of the same family (beige, brown, white, off white, dark brown/ black, white, grey, silver, and dark grey).

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