Pamper Your Hands!

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Pamper Your Hands!

Taking good care of your hands doesn't have to be a major production. There are things you can do every day to help your hands look and feel good. Develop a good routine and give your hands a helping hand…

Like your face, your hands function as bridges to the world. You shake hands when you meet or greet someone for the first time and when you seal a deal. Your hands express your affection to those you love. They soothe sad children and those suffering from illness. In any case, whenever you are interacting with others, your hands will probably spend some time in the spotlight.
The problem is that your hands are also essential tools. You use them for complex maneuvers and lowly chores. In the course of a day, your hands are exposed to all sorts of germs, dirt, harsh substances, sunlight and more. To make matters worse, the frequent washing that is designed to keep your hands sanitary also can make them dry, cracked and wrinkled. Here are a few tips to keep your hard-working parts soft, smooth and youthful for years to come.

Wash with care
If you make it a practice to wash your hands the right way, their look and feel should not be a casualty of your healthy habits. You want to remove germs and grime from your hands, but you do not want to strip all the natural oils. Wash with warm water instead. Avoid harsh soaps, antibacterial soaps are not necessary and may even dry skin more. They also can kill good bacteria on the hands and encourage bad bacteria that resist antibiotics. Rinse hands well and dry by patting or blotting gently.

Good moisturisers can help prevent or treat dry skin on your hands. They hold that needed water in the outer layer of skin, making your hands smoother and softer. They also help your outer skin act as a temporary protective shield. Creams are thicker and longer-lasting than lotions. Most creams are water-based, but folks with extremely dry skin may want to use an oil-based cream. Oil will hold water inside your skin longer, but the cream will leave a residue on your hands.

Use gloves
Give your hands a break by protecting them from unnecessary exposure to anything that will make things worse. All you have to do is make wearing gloves part of your daily routine. Keep a couple of pairs of elbow-length rubber gloves around for heavy cleaning. If preparing onions, tomatoes or other strong or acid foods irritates your hands, the gloves can help.
Year-round, whenever you will be out in the sun, protect your hands with the invisible shield of sunscreen. The backs of hands, especially, need protection with a sunscreen of at least SPF15 every day.

Give yourself a mini-cure
A manicure may be a mood-elevating treat or preparation for a special occasion. Most of us won't get a manicure every day, but we can give ourselves a mini-cure, or the little things that help keep nails healthy and attractive.
• Do not bite your fingernails and always file nails to a rounded point to preserve their strength.
• Use moisturiser on your nails as well as on your skin. For an extra treat at night, warm a favourite essential oil and give your nails a therapeutic soak.

Quick Tip
BB Cream is just one multipurpose product you can add into your beauty regimen. Consider other products to save time such as 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioner, lip tint that you can use on your cheeks or moisturiser with built-in sunscreen.

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