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3 Reasons you need to get a nose piercing
Many people don't spend a lot of time thinking about the deep reasons behind their body-piercing desires. They get a piercing because they think it looks and feels good, period. But if you’re unlike most, this might help you decide.

Beauty & Individuality
The primary reason to choose a nose ring is aesthetic; it brings a rugged beauty about you. Body piercings, including the nose, are sometimes chosen as a way to express individuality and ‘customize the body’, that is, to modify it in a personally chosen way. Some people like nose rings particularly because of the way they can make a face look fearsome. If you wish to adorn your body and make it more beautiful, this is simply the spot to choose.

Community & Culture
Sometimes a nose ring isn't just a statement of individuality, but also a statement of belonging. Many subcultures, such as goths and punks, are very body-piercing friendly, and getting a nose ring can help someone feel like he fits in with his friends. It's a sign of a shared aesthetic in just the same way that haircuts and clothing fashions can be. If you wish to display a connection with your culture, this is the most stylish way to do it.

Some adventure hungry people like to put a ring through their nose instead of on their finger for an engagement or wedding or to mark some other moment of romantic commitment. This can make for a unique bond between couples, plus it's a great way to show off a diamond. If you are one of those, this is something you can check off your list of crazy things to do!

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