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The chemical filled make-up removers can be more damaging than wearing make-up sometimes, which is why it is not only important to know how to remove those layers of cosmetic correctly but with which products. Like in most cases, the natural and simple products take the win – the last thing you need after you come back from a wedding is to struggle with harsh products for hours!

Olive oil
Healing properties is not the only thing olive oil is famous for, it has a ton of softening agents too. If you are looking for natural ways to remove all those layers of make-up this is perfect for you.

It’s hard to believe that a little bit of milk on cotton balls can actually help us getting rid of our stubborn eyeliner or mascara but it's so true! Just pour some milk right onto a cotton ball and gently swipe over your eye make-up.

Baby products
Like a few other baby products, baby wipes are a great way to remove make-up naturally; they are typically so gentle that you don't have to worry about breaking out or irritating your skin at all. Baby lotion works just like milk while baby oil is a great alternative to regular oil. If you want a quick and less messy way to clean your face, this is definitely a great way to do it!

This is one to be careful about. It is typically only used for eye make-up. Vaseline is very thick and can clog your pores really easily, so when you are using it to remove your make-up, you want to make sure that you are washing your face with soap afterwards. But just in case you want to avoid this altogether, just swipe chapstick under your eyes a few times and rub in with a cotton ball.
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