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We are always reminded the importance of a summer body. All instafeeds and billboards are decked with the most perfect six packs that tend to shame the slightly bulky individuals. It is hardly surprising that many of us are miles away from beach-body when we can be just bothered to pay for a gym membership, leave alone spending several hours engaged in a hardcore workout session. However, there is a huge difference between not caring and not bothering. We have nothing but praiseworthy words for a man who is cool with his body type and feels comfortable in his own skin. But, for the rest of us, the way we look is still a matter of concern. While we cannot compete with the top notch great bods around town, we can always find ways to trim the excess fat. Read to find out hacks that can make you look slim instantly!

Play vertical
Vertical stripes are the best technique to fight those extra pounds. Stripes, pockets and zips that move vertically tend to draw one’s attention up and down, and help create an optical illusion that makes the body seem elongated and instantly curbs the fat. In the same way, try as much as you can to stay away from horizontal lines that do not only make you look huge, but also reduce your height.

Know your body type

Why is it so that certain men, regardless of being really fit, still tend to appear plump in their clothes? It is possibly because that most of them do not understand the clothes that work well on them. By identifying one’s natural built and learning what does look good and what does not, you can always dress your way quickly to a much suitable silhouette.
Cut down fat
All the garments hanging in your wardrobe are not the only fat-shedding arsenals at your disposal; there is another fat-melting tool in your bathroom vanity. By utilising clippers to carefully angle your beard and hairline, you can also create a jawline you never knew existed on your face. In order to slim down your mug, you can leave the hair around your chin a little longer, clipper hair around your cheekbones and closer to the ear a little shorter. However, try to exercise care, because if you are not absolutely confident with your trimming skills, give up and head towards a professional barber.

Take the jump
V-neck jumpers might not be the coolest move; however they do boast some benefits of its own. They are classic, adaptable and particularly, slimming. In contrast to a crew neck which boasts a round shape, which only exacerbates the roundness of one’s face, a mid-plunge jumper flaunting a V-neck provides diagonal lines that help in lengthening one’s face and the upper body when it is layered with clothing basics. However, there are certain rules to follow. Ensure that you wear a comfortable yet spacious fit that lets you breathe, and you never have to tuck your jumper in your jeans. A similar elongating/slimming effect can also be achieved using a V-neck tee (obviously), also Henley tops and polo shirts.
All Black
It is the most viable colour to help you slim down. Black is undoubtedly slimming. You have heard it a zillion times before, and that is because it is absolutely true. Believe it or not, but all-black ensembles kill the fat, because they tend to hide all the shadows that are cast through your wobbly bits – if there is no colour, then there is no contrast. Just make sure that your entire get-up is same with saturated shades of the colour all over. Washed out dull jeans are not only scruffy, they will also not hide that spare tyre as well.

Forget prints
Vibrant patterns and prints add extra volume to a body; which is okay if you are a runway model, but not if you are someone regular. Rather, opt for certain block-colour pieces in neutral shades such as grey, black, navy and khaki green. A murdered-out appearance may feel boring when it is bright, but you will be grateful when scrolling down the infinite fun summer photos.
Shape it up
The male counterpart of a waist trainer is now on the rise. It might appear drastic, but shapewear is currently making a huge move. The range of shapewear is designed to assemble beneath shirts and creates the illusion of a toned six pack; all without needing a personal trainer. It is still quite a cranny move but if you really do care about the silhouette yet you want to stay gymphobic, this can help in shedding inches instantly.
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