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Your favourite getaway destination?
Anywhere with my husband, daughter and friends.

Somewhere you’d never refuse to eat?
Dandee ki chaat :)

Someone you’re always ready to hang out with?
My friends. Noor, Mansha, Ayesha , Sarvat Yasir and my husband Amir Anees :)

Best place for some retail therapy?
Out of Pakistan many, and Dolmen mall in Karachi.

Your favourite chill out activity?
Reading a good book, or watching a film

Your best and worst vacation memory?
The best was just recently we all went to universal studios California, for an entire day. Worst was when I went to New York and the snow was so heavy that it barely let me step out.

Best and worst part about travelling?
Best are the destinations. Worst are airport waits.

If you were to stay in any location forever which one would it be?
Anywhere with my family; home is where the heart is.

Travel bag essentials?
Toiletries, make up and dietary supplements. Clothes I can buy where ever I go.

A place you would like to visit next?
Spain is next on my agenda.

Zhalay Sarhadi

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