Fashion Industry grows with induction of youngsters

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Models display creations by designer Amir Baig during a Fashion show in Karachi.—AP Photo
LAHORE: The flourishing fashion industry grows with the involvement of more youngsters and a variety of fashion shows.
According to model and actor Ash khan, the fusion of conventional and modern trends has generated interest from fashion lovers of different cultures and has also invited investors to support the fashion industry in Pakistan.
“Pakistani designers are known in international markets now and many international shows feel proud to invite Pakistani designers… [this] not only improves the content of their runway, but also projects the soft image of the country as a talented young generation,” she said.
The dying film industry of Pakistan took away the investors from Lollywood but the flourishing fashion industry is bringing them back as Indian, Arab and other foreign designers flock to hold shows in Pakistan.
However, talking to APP Ash Khan also added that it was a risky task to hold a show because of security problem and lack of interest by the people.
Khan said that a similar enthusiasm and interest of the young generation can bring a revolution to the dying film industry of Pakistan and gain the attention of foreign and local investors with new ideas.
“The people related to fashion and film industries want to promote art and entertainment in Pakistan. The fashion industry can play a big role in current economic situation of Pakistan, and spread our culture and traditions to other civilizations across the border,” she said.
Fashion shows, Galas and fashion weeks give the opportunity to entertain people and also enrich the atmosphere of society as well as assist the progressive culture.

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