Mehndi A Celebration Of Colours

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Yellow garlands, fragrance of henna and the strong beats of dhol remind us of nothing other than the joyous event of mehndi. In our subcontinent, mehndi is a traditional affair that precedes the wedding ceremony – friends, cousins and close relatives of the bride-to-be gather to celebrate amidst the beautiful colours of a heartwarming event. A predominantly female-only occasion, the colour palette of this rasm has always been the same with bright yellows, oranges and reds adorning everything from the outfit of the bride-to-be to her sisters and even the decoration. This year around, designers have cleverly incorporated and blended unorthodox shades of turquoise along with red and orange to give a fresh feel to the mehndi ensemble. A particular focus has been given to the bodice, with oval shaped bodices donning eastern geometrical patterns and intricate thread work and embroidery. Matching churidaar pyjamas and garlands are a must, but you already knew that, didn't you?

Text: Rida
Hair, Make-up& Photography: Khawar Riaz
Label: Reet
Designer: Dr. Ayaz
Models: Maya, Fiza & Marium

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