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Sherwani has always been our very own ensemble! Having originated in South Asia, this outfit became a court dress of nobles and the royals of the subcontinent. During the 18th century it evolved as a fusion of the shalwar kameez with the British fro ck coat before becoming a symbol of Muslim aristocracy. This outfit's historical significance is evident from the fact that most of the renowned Muslim leaders of that time donned it.
Over the years, the sherwani has comfortably found an indelible place in the wardrobes of men from the subcontinent. So what if its use is limited, its use is special! Pakistani men proudly dress up in this sartorial piece for an occasion they remember all their lives. The wedding ceremony is incomplete without a sherwani and a turban. Heavier suiting fabric in shades of crème, white, off-white and black, with heavy embroidery along the collar and cuffs make the outfit grand. Pair it with a straight-legged pyjama or a shalwar and a red-coloured turban to further accentuate the royalty of the ensemble as well as of the occasion!

I Text: Nazeefa
I Label: Raja Jee by Imran Khan
I Photography: Shahbaz Shazi
I Styling: Fahad Yaqoob
I Grooming: Basit Ali
I Coordination: Umer Mushtaq

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