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VEENA MALIK Veena Malik has been in news ever since she established a strong foothold in India for all the reasons objectionable. Latest being the controversy of her posing naked for an Indian magazine.
However, she denied going nude and sued the magazine for a whopping 10 crore Rupees. But the newest stir is her father making a statement to British media on disowning her and how he wants her to be punished for what she has done!
"I have disowned her. I have severed all ties with her and I don't want her to have any share in whatever meager assets I have until she is cleared of the controversy and pledges not to visit India again," Veena's father, Malik Mohammad Aslam, was quoted by a British paper.
He added that his daughter should be punished if found guilty of stripping 'so that no other woman would think of doing such a thing'. "I can ignore it if she disobeys me but I cannot tolerate anything against my country and my faith."
This statement made by her father has shocked the actress and she despite repetitive tries from media to get in touch, has maintained a 'no comment' status.
However, in an earlier interview, Veena had said her family was always supportive of what she did, and it was only after their permission that she said yes to 'Swayamvar', which also created a VEENA MALIK controversy recently due to her nationality. "My parents have always supported me."
'I Posed Topless, Not Nude'
Veena, who featured in a racy cover shoot in the December edition of FHM magazine in India told CNN that she posed topless, but not completely naked.
Veena Malik appeared on the cover of the magazine wearing only one thing: a tattoo on her arm bearing the initials ISI causing a stir in whole of Pakistan. But Veena said FHM doctored the photographs to show her without clothes and has now revealed plans to sue the publication.
"I admit that I have done a bold shoot," she said adding, "but I was not nude. There is a big difference between topless and being nude."
"You will see various shoots here in the Bollywood industry where the actresses actually went topless but VEENA MALIK they were covered like the way I was."
In an interview to CNN, she said she had declined an offer a couple of months ago by an international media agency to pose nude for a fee but agreed to do a shoot for FHM India instead – and without charges – because it was a personality shoot.
"What I have lost is priceless," she said.
But FHM India says Veena knew the terms all along and approved the photos. The publication is even demanding a public apology and has threatened to counter-sue Veena for defamation.
"She was completely aware of the cover," said FHM editor Kabeer Sharma. "She was completely aware of the concept. She loved the concept and she said it at least fifteen times."
Veena's lawyer Ayaz Bilawala told CNN that Veena Malik is seeking $1.9 million in damages, saying the magazine 'cheated' his client and doctored the pictures.
In a legal notice served to the magazine, Veena contends that it was Sharma's idea for her to wear the ISI tattoo; she was told it would be good for her image.
In another photo, which was originally slated for the cover, she is shown holding a grenade in her right hand. And when she was asked by Get TV about the shot, she said, "Yes I did it holding a grenade in my mouth. So what? Do you have some problem with it?"
FHM published the grenade photo inside, with a line plastered across it: "The cover we didn't use."
Veena said the shoot was supposed to create positive feelings, not negative ones. She added that the controversy has affected her family, particularly her father.
"He did not speak to me. He spoke to one of the media groups and he was crying, I mean he was too upset... I don't blame him for that."
But the actress and model is no stranger to controversy. She triggered uproar two years ago when she claimed that her former boyfriend, Mohammed Asif, was involved in spot-fixing international matches.
A year later, the actress came under fire from Pakistani clerics who decried her behavior in the Indian VEENA MALIK reality TV show Big Boss, as 'un-Islamic'.
"I am not a perfect Muslim or a perfect person, but I haven't committed a crime, and unfortunately things like this are part and parcel of the industry I work in," she said.
Despite all this, she downplayed her criticism back home.
"I am not bothered about what they think," she said. "My fans and many Pakistanis support me and believe in me."
"If you look at the industry which I am working right now, there are various examples of such shoots – it's not that I am the first one who has done it," she said.
"Why is sexuality such a big problem? Are we actually grown up? Are we still living in the jungles?"
It has also been reported that Malik is claiming the support of her fans – and wouldn't rule out a nude shoot in the future.
She is reported to have said; "I'm a very strong person. If I did something like that, I would stand by my actions."
"Would I pose nude In the future? Who knows what will happen tomorrow."
'FHM Row Added 10 Years To My Age'
Veena Malik has claimed that the stress caused by the FHM India scandal aged her by almost ten years.
However, she recently revealed that since she filed her lawsuit, she has been threatened with character defamation if she did not drop the charges.
"I feel completely cheated. They've added ten years to my age. They threatened to sue me if I don't keep quiet," the Daily Mail quoted her as saying.
The 33-year-old has claimed that she was wearing hot pants, which were removed by Photoshop on the cover of FHM India.
"The image we shot was completely different to the one on the cover. I was wearing hot pants and they promised me they would cover my upper body with multiple tattoos. Instead, they removed the hot pants," she said.
The actress has alleged that the editor-in-chief Kabeer Sharma and the journalist who interviewed her VEENA MALIK were not responding to her calls even though prior to the shoot they would converse with her regularly.
"I did not sign any contract and refused to until I was given final approval of the images. I was never sent the pictures but I was assured they were the same shots taken from the shoot in November."
"I was cool with those pictures because I felt they were artistic and beautiful. They should have waited for my authorisation but they didn't."
"There was only one week between the shoot and publication – they were obviously in a rush to print them without my consent," she said.
Meanwhile, Sharma has strongly denied the allegations that the pictures are doctored and that the model has been threatened, insisting that Malik has given contradictory accounts of the shoot.
"It's important to note Ms Malik has been dragging the magazine's name through muck by making false and baseless allegations and VEENA MALIK we look at it very, very seriously," he said.
"I invite Ms Malik to furnish one shred of evidence, SMS or a witness to support her allegations which are as concocted as the ones she's been making all week."
"No one in FHM has had any conversation with Ms Malik directly or indirectly to make this "imagined threat".
"The one message that was sent to her was one that told her she could call the office landline if she wanted to have a conversation."
Sharma claims the magazine has video evidence of the shoot.
"Ms Malik was more than comfortable with the filming, it was only when the cover and the grenade shots were done was the videographer asked to stop filming to make the team more comfortable (not her).
She did not even once ask him to stop filming."
Malik on the other hand has said that no such video was taken and that when she noticed filming taking place, when she was fully clothed, she asked them to stop as it was not in line with the previous agreement to only shoot images.

'I Have Not Done Anything Against Law'
"I have not done anything wrong which brings bad name to the country," said the controversial queen Veena Malik in an inclusive interview to Geo TV. "I am an actress and a fashion model and I know my limits. I don't know why people bring religion and morality when it comes to a woman," she added admitting the fact that she did a bold shoot.
"I do not know why there is such uproar over my shoot. Why people forget that I am the one who has been betrayed. My pictures have been doctored and I should be supported by my countrymen but alas that is not the situation," she added.
VEENA MALIK "If someone thinks that I should be served legally then the magazine editor should also be served as he is responsible for doctoring my images," she said.
While defending herself Veena said, "No one objects when our cricket players participate in IPL but people do not forget to make hue and cry over my every move. I have not done anything which is against the law."
She clearly mentioned that she did not represent anyone but herself. "I must tell you that I do not represent anyone but myself. Do not treat me as a person representing a certain society but an individual, as a model and an actress."
She stressed that a woman should be allowed to live a life of her own choice. It should be a girl's choice whether she would wear burqa or jeans.
When she was asked about her limits, she said, "Whatever I have done is according to the norms of the Bollywood industry. When I will go to Hollywood, I would do the same according to their norms. Look, I am an actress and I will do whatever my profession demands and nothing else. I believe in the famous saying, 'Jaisa des waisa bhes'."
It is interesting to note that a Mumbai based fashion designer spilled the beans on Veena's controversy and disclosed to a news channel that the whole controversy was pre-planned and agreed upon by all concerned.

What The Celebrities Had To Say…
Resham – Lollywood Actress
I don't want to say anything on Veena's scandal. I think our government should cancel her nationality and strictly restrict her entrance in the country.
Mishi Khan – TV Actress
I don't consider this topic important enough to say anything on it. I won't waste my words by speaking about her shameful act.
Bushra Ansari – TV Actress & Host
I don't want to talk about her nonsense act. Media should give much importance to other key issues rather giving hype to her scandal. Recently maulvi raped a 6-year-old girl and media didn't give coverage to it as they were busy covering Veena's nude photo shoot. It's a time for media to play a responsible and constructive role for the betterment of society.

Shamyl Khan – Lollywood Actor
She is not even a Pakistani for me. Our ministry of culture should take strict action against her and they must ban her entrance in the country. By showing ISI tattoo on her hand she actually did something against our country.
Adnan Siddiqui – TV Actor
Her act is totally disgraceful for our country. I strongly oppose anyone who does such cheap things to tarnish the image of Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

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