Eid Mantra

Eid Mantra
Every year, the end of the holy month of Ramadan is celebrated with festivity that is unmatched all over the world. Muslims celebrate Eid in full swing, and treat the day characteristically feasting with relatives and friends, having desserts like sheer khurma, and of course collecting Eidi, for young ones, and distributing Eidi, for elders. The air of joy is evident on the day because the festive mood reflects on everyone's face. Kids relish the occasion, by wearing their new clothes, and counting their Eidi; girls dress up in their new colourful outfits, adorning matching jewellery, flaunting their mehndi designs and the depth of colour along with wearing complementing bangles, without which the Eid outfit is incomplete. Despite all the comings and goings of the month of Ramadan, Eid is the day when people rejoice with their loved ones, commemorating good memories and enjoying the festival. When it comes to dressing up for the day, no one leaves any stone unturned in their pursuit to dress the best. While older men and boys traditionally wear kurtas, the main focus of wardrobe remains on the fairer gender. Women, after a month of turmoil with their tailors, finally get what they want and they cherish it by accessorising their look, with the right stuff. As far as outfits are concerned, most women go for bright, colourful and eye-catching shades that reflect the festivity of Eid. If dark, somber tones are opted, then the void is filled by embellishments and motifs that accentuate the appeal of the outfit.
This pink number with its velvet bodice and the aligned golden motif is a gorgeous pick for a formal occasion like Eid. The delicate threadwork on chiffon, fused with the velvet, gives this ensemble a grand feel. The bright orange-coloured jamawar outfit, with its contrasting segments, such as the royal purple at the top, a heavily embellished bodice extending up to the shoulders and the dark brown coloured border at the hemline is just too perfect for Eid. To top it off, the purple dupatta, with its diagonally striped orange border, also present along the hemline and the red lower adds that extra dash of colour, much welcomed at Eid. On the other hand, the blue coloured sleeveless jamawar shirt, with its chiffon dupatta and its somewhat minimally embellished bodice in golden is for people who follow the 'less is more philosophy' in fashion.
The black and red contrast always speaks for itself. Even though the outfit isn't too flashy, the contemporary contrast, the well-defined flow of chiffon from the bodice and the magnanimous hemline, with golden motifs infused in red and black gives the outfit an elegance that cannot be matched; the patch of matching jamawar at the hemline, is just enough to give the ensemble a formal feel. Same goes for the flared emerald green number because of its similar design aesthetics; its golden neckline, and the simple dupatta with its golden borders is just enough for those who like to dress simply. Add some matching bangles, jewellery and mehndi, and you are complete with the look desirous for Eid.

I Hair & Make-up: Depilex
I Designer: Vasim Asghar
I Cooradination: Ambreen Asim
I Photography: Yasser Sadiq
I Model: Mehwish Hayat


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