Eid… As They Celebrate | The top notch fashion designers about their plans this Eid

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Eid… As They Celebrate

Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated every year with great religious zeal, fervour and festivity marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. Beautiful Eid ensembles, special Eid delicacies, bangles and mehndi are the true essence of Eid celebrations. The festive spirit surrounds everyone from the common man to the country's fashion elite. MAG asked some of the top notch fashion designers about their plans this Eid, their favourite Eid memories and the hot trends to follow on this occasion. Here is what they had to say. Excerpts:

1. What are your plans for this Eid?
2. What do you look forward to the most on Eid?
3. Your favourite Eid memory?
4. Have you launched any special Eid collection?
Feeha Jamshed5. What trends would you predict for this Eid?

Feeha Jamshed
1. My sister passed away last year so we will celebrate it quite simply.
2. I love sheer khurma, so I look forward to it the most on Eid. Also, the overall festive spirit which surrounds this choti Eid is quite irresistible for me. Moreover, as Ramadan is usually quite grueling for us, the Eid holidays come as a welcome relief.
3. Eid is a special event that brings everyone together. I remember when I was young, I used to go on chand raat for mehndi. These memories are really special for me.
4. My signature brand is already launched. As it's my first collection coming up on Eid I have focused primarily on cuts keeping in mind both our eastern and western markets.
Nina5. Ankle and mid-rift lengths are in fashion. Kurtas are also very 'IN' these daysas they always look chic and classy.

1. To celebrate this Eid, I am going to the mountains with my family.
2. I look forward to having sheer khurma and wearing nice clothes on every Eid.
3. When I was young, I used to spend my entire Eidi on bubblegums and then I would eat it all in one day.
Nadya Mistry4. Yes, our special Eid collection is available at our stores.
5. We are going to see lots of colour blocking, mismatching and lots of prints!

Nadya Mistry
1. Like always, I will celebrate it with my loved ones.
2. Well… spending time with my family of course.
3. When I was a kid, my mother used to dress me up in a gharara on every Eid and I used to insist on wearing a teeka and nose ring as well.
4. Of course. I have done separates like tunics, cotton kurtas, chiffons and silks.
Zara Shahjahan5. Well… we will see a lot of bright and festive colours, breathable fabrics, light embroideries and the special emphasis will be on tops and kameezes.

Zara Shahjahan
1. I plan to celebrate it with my family like always. We usually have lunch together, then we go out for dinner in the evening. I am going to Nathia Gali on the second day of Eid.
2. Relaxing at home and watching TV. Normally, I have a very tight schedule so I really look forward to Eid holidays when I can relax and have fun.
3. Last Eid was the first one with my daughter and was really memorable for me. I especially designed cute little dresses for her.
4. I am not coming up with any new collection, however, my boutique is stuffed with beautiful designs appropriate for any occasion.
5. Eid is not associated with high-end fashion, it's considered very cultural and Sarah Salmantraditional. So, girls mostly prefer to wear desi outfits and would likely go for flowy silhouettes, longer lengths and tang pyjamas. These trends will be highlighted on this Eid.

Sarah Salman
1. I have a huge family, so we all celebrate Eid together. On the first day, we stay at home and on the second day we usually go out with friends.
2. I look forward to decking up in my Eid outfits, meet up with my friends and reuniting with family.
3. One of my favourite memories of Eid is how we would stay up all night, apply mehndi on our hands, get matching accessories for our Eid ensembles and used to enjoy each moment to its fullest.
4. Not really. However, our pret wear outlets get updated every week. I have incorporated a lot of chiffons, arthi lawns and silk prints in our stock, plus I have also blended 4 to 5 materials together to achieve a unique look.
5. Well… everyone does not follow the same fashion. For instance, some of my clients still want to stick to that popular 'flared look' and longer lengths, whereas there are some who are willing to experiment this Eid. So, if you want to go for a different look then you may opt for palazzo pants with slightly shorter length tops. This look is very much IN, however, it's not for the masses. The Aeisha Varseycolour palette will be quite bright and we will see a lot of different hues of orange, fuchsia and bright green. For those who prefer lighter hues, can go for any shade of blue because blue is always in fashion.

Aeisha Varsey
1. This Eid is going to be quite hectic for me as there are a few family weddings coming up.
2. I look forward to spending time with my family.
3. Last Eid was really special because I celebrated it with my newborn son.
4. Yes, we have recently launched our Eid collection where we have primarily focused on trendy cuts, incorporating chiffons and pure silks and we have kept the colour palette very summery and colourful. Moreover, we have kept our pret line affordable without compromising on the quality.
5. Transparent fabrics like chiffons paired with solids will be quite 'IN'. Similarly, the colour palette will be quite vibrant, featuring shades like fuchsia, royal green, Ruby Shakelemerald green, aqua, rose pink and electric blue.

Ruby Shakel
1. Well… Eid is always a family day when the whole family gets together to celebrate. Moreover, the whole year I am occupied with work, so when Eid comes my focus is entirely on family and nothing else.
2. I look forward to relaxing with my family the most.
3. It was when I celebrated my Eid at Makkah and Madina with my family. It was a completely surreal experience.
4. Yes, I am definitely coming up with my Eid collection. This time around, my special focus has been on cuts and silhouettes rather than embellishments to make it more affordable for my customers.
5. Flowing and flattering cuts, long kameezes, colourful chiffons and georgettes Mina Hasanwill definitely stay in trend. Moreover, we are going to see a lot of bright colours on this Eid.

Mina Hasan
1. It is my sister's birthday on this Eid, so hopefully we will plan something special for her.
2. I look forward to the Eid mornings when the whole family gets together and have kheer and chai. It is a very special time.
3. The last Eid which I spent with my mum in Lahore, in our childhood home is my most favourite Eid memory so far. The whole family including all my aunts, uncles, cousins and children got together and the entire day was spent playing indoor games and chatting.
4. Yes, we have done an Eid and Ramadan collection which is in stores already. It consists of lots of embroideries, jewel tones and festive colours.
5. Chiffon will be a popular fabric, with bright colours representing the festive Zainab Sajid season. On a personal note, I am a huge fan of feminine, flowing cuts and carefully placed embellishments, so I would definitely love to see that on this Eid as well.

Zainab Sajid
1. Well… I am planning to spend this Eid with my family.
2. Not going to work and spending all the time with my kids.
3. All of my childhood Eid memories are my favourite. Moreover, I distinctly remember that I used to get super excited the night before Eid.
4. Of course. My Eid collection is in stores now.
5. I have incorporated longer lengths and flares in my Eid collection. On this Eid, Sania Maskatiyawe are going to see a lot of colour blocking as well.

Sania Maskatiya
1. Eid is all about the family. So, I am looking forward to spending this Eid with my family and two baby girls who will be wearing their very own Sania Maskatiya outfits.
2. I look forward to the delicious food that is especially prepared on every Eid and spending quality time with my family.
3. Visiting family and friends with my parents and collecting lots of Eidi and munching on delicious treats throughout the day.
4. Our Eid collection is an amalgamation of our Uraan and Matyala collections which we showcased at the fashion weeks this year. We are also introducing our new Turkish collection titled Lokum along with our signature classic line.
Huma Adnan5. Lots of colours, with structured silhouettes, lots of prints; both screen and digital and lots of embroidered detailing.

Huma Adnan
1. Like every year, I will celebrate it with my family. We usually have a big family dinner on the first day of Eid, where we flaunt our clothes, enjoy great food and catch up with everyone. On Eid especially we try to keep our family traditions alive.
2. Well… I look forward to the exotic and delicious food that is cooked at our place, especially sheer khurma.
3. I distinctly remember when we were young, we used to collect Eidi from our relatives and grandparents and how we used to count it. However, now my kids look forward to it every Eid.
4. Yes. The collection we have come up with for this Eid is very edgy and colourful. It has lots of glitter and vibrant hues. We have also featured lots of lowers like palazzos and embroidered and block-printed shalwars and we have paired these with short kameezes along with chuna dupatta which is a very unique aspect of our brand.
5. This Eid we will see a lot of different trends. Straight shirts will be 'IN' with slightly shorter-length to be paired with a variety of lowers like screen, block-printed and tie dyed shalwars. So, the idea is to look grand and enjoy brightness on this Eid.

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