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ormal wear selection needs a good deal of investment of time and money. But all this investment can go in vain if you are not aware of the 'ins and outs' of fashion! Flared frocks, loosely fitted long shirts, voluminous outfits, angrakhas and chooridars are quite 'IN' this season. For Eid, choose a traditional outfit, get classy and look your best.  Apart from the overall look of the outfit, colours play a vital role. The Colour Trends For Eidcolours you choose to wear on different occasions reflect the nature of those occasions and what they mean to you. Here's a fashion guide on what colours you should go for while picking up your picture-perfect Eid ensembles!
Red is the colour of passion and love. Red clothing gets noticed instantly. Certain studies have shown that red is the most popular colour to be worn on festive occasions like Eid. The energetic, vibrant look of red makes it an ideal option. You can go for a fully red voluminous outfit and pair it with white Colour Trends For Eidchooridar pyjama. Even plain red looks classy and graceful on it's own.
Known to be the colour of youth, pink symbolises femininity, romance and compassion. A girl's wardrobe is deemed incomplete without a pink outfit. It suits all kinds of skin tones and looks best with whites, blues, oranges and greens. For summers, pastel pink is an ideal colour that stimulates calmness and settles negative energy. Pair shades of pink with different shades of green on this Eid.

Yellow is the colour of happiness and creativity. For a festive occasion like Eid, yellow will add to the energy and joyfulness of the occasion. Yellow can be best complemented with orange and pink to give a youthful, refreshing Colour Trends For Eidlook. Incorporate yellow in materials like cotton and khadi rather than chiffon and silk considering the season.

A youthful, funky colour that symbolises energy and creativity is tangerine. We saw a lot of different shades of tangerine this summer. A printed or plain tangerine outfit will add oomph to your personality. For formal wear, add vibrant multi-colour embroidery to your tangerine outfit and pair it with some accessories. The charisma of deeper tangerine is that it can make you look stunning even if worn plain.
The most cool and summery of all hues is white. It reflects purity, innocence and optimism. White paired with any other colour or worn plain, looks classy in formal wear too. Keeping in mind the hot and humid weather at Eid, you can opt for a loose fitted white ensemble with a chooridar pyjama or white leggings. White can be paired up with either gold or silver to give an overall fancy look.

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