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In today’s competitive work world, brains will only get you so far. It’s that rare combination of beauty andHairstyles Successful Women Wearbrains, though, that can truly send your career soaring. You have to look and act the part. Thus, for the Alpha Woman who wants it all, appearance couldn't be more vital. Read on to learn how your mane can either help your career or hurt it!

Keep it simple
Women are not just recognised for their work and how well they can write a report or complete a balance sheet, but they’re viewed, and often even judged, by their looks. Don’t stand out for them, other than to appear professional, clean, neat and well put together. Your hair shouldn’t be too short, funky, spiky or excessively long and filled with extensions, especially as you get older. Clearly, rock stars and celebrities can have some leeway on the latter rules, but in general, simple is best.
Rock a classic bob
Powerful women in the workplace are also typically very busy women, multi-tasking many duties at once. This, however, is no excuse for not taking the time to look your finest. Having aHairstyles Successful Women Wearneat and well-coiffed appearance will exude confidence and importance on the job. Classic bob shapes are excellent for all ages and frame the face while simultaneously coming off as polished and professional.
Try a French twist
Shiny, controlled hair denotes success. If you want to pull it back, do a traditional French twist or a chignon, but be cognizant that there are no fly aways or frizz. It’s imperative to keep texture to a minimum. Hair should beHairstyles Successful Women Wearsmooth and soft. To create this look, you can use a flatiron to get rid of unwanted volume, and apply some really good serum – both will leave your hair with a reflective sheen.
Get noticed with a new ’do
Most people attempt to fit into the basic culture that has already been established when they take a job, and to some extent, your hairstyle can either work for or against you in that regard. How you wear your hair can be a liberating way to express yourself. Usually, it's the execution of your cut that counts. Keep your hair clean and healthy, get regular trims and stay current! If you haven't expressed your personality through your hair in a new style for years on end, consider shaking things up a bit. After all, a new hairstyle gets you noticed, especially at work!

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