How to score a perfect bump-free ponytail

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How to score a perfect bump-free ponytail
Want a style that can go from day-to-night like that and is actually doable? Then you need a slicked-back ponytail. We tell you exactly how to score a sexy, sleek pony in no time!
1. Start with clean hair
Applying product on top of product will leave you with a lot of build-up that won't give you a clean finished look.
2. Use a nylon and boar bristle brush to smooth strands
Using a mini nylon and boar bristle paddle brush, gather your hair right below the crown of your head, smoothing the front and sides as you brush your hair back. The mixed bristles will help knock out any static and give you that sleek effect you're after.
3. Smooth the sides with product
Still holding your hair with your right hand, apply a quarter-size amount of hair gel-serum – which provides hold, but won't make your hair feel or look hard and crunchy – onto your fingertips, and then spread it all over your hair, starting a half of an inch back from your hairline to give it that wanted sheen. 
4. Spritz on a finishing hairspray
This equals extra hold.
5. Secure your ponytail with a bungee
Using a bungie hair tie, which has a hook on each end, insert one of the hooks into the top center of what is about to be your ponytail and wrap it around several times, linking the two hooks together when you've reached the tightness you desire. The bungee allows you to pull your hair up without transferring your ponytail to each hand as you secure it, which is ineviatably what causes bumps in your slicked-back style.
How to score a perfect bump-free ponytail6. Polish up your pony
After your ponytail is secure, take a small section of hair from underneath it and wrap it around the bungee to conceal its appearance for a chic, pulled-together look.
7. Rock your ponytail
And you're done. Now, go out and flaunt your sleek style. 

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