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Getting a good haircut is a big deal for guys, as it is one of the few trends that make them stand out in the otherwise similar crowd. Men usually do not have much to express when talking about fashion, so a good haircut surely helps them a lot. Men tend to entirely depend upon their barbers when up for a haircut. So, they either achieve a satisfactory look or a disaster. It is easier to change clothes if something goes wrong with them. However, one cannot simply rip off their hair, if a haircut makes them look awful. Below are 8 steps that can get you the perfect haircut you desire.

1. Hunt an Expert Barber/Hairstylist
You don’t just buy your clothes without ensuring its quality. Similarly, a good haircut cannot be compromised on the cost of an amateur hairstylist. You must go around your city or nearest location and search for an expert and up-to-date barber. Be a little generous and get your hair cut by a professional. Looking for a cheap discounted barber can get you a thumb down on your entire appearance. Particularly, if you have bushy afro hair, your hair needs to be taken care of by an expert whatsoever. Opt for someone who understands your face structure and hair type, someone who has been tried and judged by an acquaintance and rated by people with similar hair details that you possess.

2. Come clean!
If you plan to visit the barber/hairstylist with washed hair, you’re giving your barber a chance to play on a blank canvas. Clean hair makes it easy for the barber to work his magic. However, if your hair is loaded with products like, hair gel, hair cream etc can make it difficult for them to give the best cut. Stylists suggest that if your hair is naturally curly, wash your hair at least two days before you hit the salon. This will help your barber understand the natural state of your hair. On the other hand, if you want to stick to a specific style, let your style do all the talking and let the barber determine what you want.

3. Stop Being Sluggish
Late arrivals may sound trendy for a party. Nonetheless, it’s simply imprudent to arrive late for a salon appointment. Arriving on time will get your work done in a satisfactory manner. Your barber would just not cut your hair in a jiffy or postpone the appointment. Instead, he will ensure minute details to be realised.

4. Seek Advice
Despite the buzzing hairdryers and clippers furiously attacking the depth of your ears, it is important for you to discuss and take the advice of your barber/hairstylist. You need to tell them how you want your hair to look like. You might also want to hear some honest suggestions from the expert itself. An experienced barber/hairstylist would know your face shape and hair type. This will not just help the expert work freely with your hair, but will also make you satisfied. You also need to communicate with them how your hair should be cut and styled and don’t just give in to their suggestions blindly. Since gentlemen need to look perfect all the time, it is important for you to keep your profession in mind. Do not just follow trends for the sake of it. You can’t just get a hippie haircut done and initiate a business conference the next day. Be very careful with your style.

5. Use an Example
Make sure you have a picture of a haircut, if you want your hair to look particularly similar. Let your barber get an idea, as to what is required to nail that perfect look. However, you must always allow him to openly discuss his viewpoint. Everyone nowadays is equipped with a good phone, which allows you to download pictures of specific haircuts that you might want to opt for. Nevertheless, keep in mind that what suits Fawad Khan, might not necessarily suit your face or hair entirely.

6. Final Touch
The moment your cut is nearing its end, ensure that your barber takes time for the necessary touch ups and finishing. Make sure your hair is cut neatly and ask your barber to properly examine your entire head for any left out head and surrounding areas. He must assess your haircut form each and every angle. You should ask him to suggest with how you need to style your hair with a specific haircut you opted for.

7. Wash Your Hair
Keep yourself all prim and proper and regularly visit your barber/hairstylist to keep yourself look trendy with time. Keep a track of time and make sure you hit the salon in between four to six weeks amid your haircuts. As it can impact the texture and shape your hair.

8. Swap If You Want To
If you are no longer satisfied with your barber’s job. You don’t need to stick to his service forever. Search through the town for someone better. Loyalty is good but not if it makes you look like a grandpa. If you’re someone who follows fashion, there are several trendy men’s salons in the city for you. Try and look out for those that offer trendy haircuts and styles. Experiment with your looks and personality. However, if you are one of those who follow a monotonous hairstyle or cut, you can always stay loyal to your current barber.

Final Say
Next time you plan on getting a good haircut done, just keep in mind these eight tips and you’re good to go!
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