Must-know hacks for beautiful locks

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We’re all running late most of the time, and hardly have time to maintain our hair. If you are usually stuck in this situation, follow these amazing hair hacks and get those perfect locks in no time and with much less effort. These tricks will get you stunning hair without having to hit the salon every now and then.

Curl hair from the middle
You must curl your hair from the middle, instead of curling them from the ends. This helps the curls stay longer while looking natural and it also saves the hair tips from being damaged. Skipping the ends is preferred while styling your hair with a curling iron; it is easier to do so, especially with those that don’t have clips.

Say no to root conditioning
If you have oily or fine hair, then conditioning the roots is not going to work, instead it will weigh down your hair faster. This cues a cruel and redundant cycle for washing them everyday to avoid a greasy hair look.

Oil hides your split ends
This really works, but with just a dab. Apply a little amount of oil to the ends of your hair and let the arid ends shine in an instant.
Must-know hacks for beautiful locks
Avoid creasing your hair
This particular tip will be helpful if you have dead straight to wavy hair and love working out. Toss your hair up in a ponytail using a creaseless hair pony instead of an elastic band. The minute you let down your hair after working out, you will get voluminous waves rather than irritating knots.

Hair conditioning before showering
Thick hair gets tangled easily, especially when you sleep. Use a leave-in-conditioner on your locks and softly brush your hair outwards before you get in the shower. It will help avoid clumps of hair loss when you comb your hair while they are wet.

Hair mask DIY
Your kitchen has in store the best deep-conditioning secrets for your at-home hair treatment. Try combining a mashed banana or an avocado along with coconut oil to make a DIY hair mask and let the magic begin.

Bobby pin magic
Bobby pins are really slick by nature. When trying your next updo, sprint some hair spray on your bobby pins to let them set your hair. You will be surprised when your styling perfectly holds for hours.
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