Beauty Bag Essentials

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Beauty Bag Essentials

An overflowing cosmetic bag with products she doesn’t know how to use, is every make-up junky’s problem. If that’s you, it is time to get a back to basics training. The following products are a must-have, if you desire to sport a flawless face. These essentials are the basis of your beauty armour, and must be carried at all times to save you from having a bad face day!

Concealer is a must for hiding dark circles around your eyes and covering-up those unwanted blemishes; it helps emphasise your lower eye area and brightens your face instantly. It is recommended that you pack your make-up pouch with a shade lighter than your skin tone.

Foundation is a crucial make-up product. There is no need to coat it all over your face, instead apply where you find discolouration or an uneven skin tone. If you do not need foundation coverage, then try using tinted moisturiser as a replacement.

A blush is an indispensible make-up necessity. Find a warm-toned one and add a pop of colour on the apples of your cheeks any time for a natural look.

Translucent powder
A light, quick dusting of translucent powder can help control the oil discharge and to set make-up on your face.

Mascara takes of eye definition to an entirely different level. It gives an intensifying look to your eyes by enhancing the eyelashes. It is better to opt for a noir black or dark brown, especially if you have light lashes and hair.

Nude eyeshadow
A neutral or rather a nude shade, is a quick brightener when it is swiped over the lid.
An essential eyeshadow
Go for a neutral or medium shade like charcoal grey or warm brown. Brush it in the eye’s crease, beneath your brow bone to add depth to your eyes.

Eyeliner is an ultimate beauty product. Use a dark brown or black pencil along the lashes and make a thin line that defines and enhances your eyes, or use a darker shade of an eyeshadow as a liner.

Lipsticks are unavoidable. A striking lip colour cannot be replaced by any other beauty product. You should always have standard lipstick shades in your beauty bag.

Powder brush
A good powder brush is an important accessory. Keep a big, round, fluffy brush to dust away powder and any make-up residue from your face the minute you are done with your make-up.

Blush-on brush
It is a tad bit smaller than a powder brush and is the perfect size for dabbing your cheeks and for blending the right amount of blush alongside your cheekbones.

Eyeshadow applicator
An eyeshadow applicator helps you with an effortless eyeshadow application and is easy to carry around.

Creasing brush
This small and round brush will help outline a crease for applying darker shades for eye definition.

Brush for eyeliner
Use a tiny, angled, flat brush to line the eyes or to dab a little brow powder to your brows.

Until your next eyebrow appointment is due, use a pair of tweezers to get rid of any stray hair around your eyebrows.
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