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1. Wash off the henna after seven to eight hours. If you can afford to keep it on longer, leave it for about 12 hours. Do not wash with water; instead, scrape it off by rubbing your palms together till the dried henna falls off!
2. Boil some sugar in water and allow it to cool. Now add a few drops of lemon juice and apply the lemon sugar mixture a couple of times on top of the henna once it has dried. The sugar keeps the mehendi in contact with the skin for deeper penetration, while the lemon juice acts as a catalyst for dye release.
3. Many also suggest wrapping henna designed hands as that gives off a richer colour. It is best that you ask the artist to do so, or have somebody else do it in her supervision so as to not spoil the design. You can use medical paper tape to gently wrap up the mehendi.
4. Try steam for deeper penetration of the henna on your palms. Before you hit the bed, apply the lemon-sugar mixture then heat a few cloves and run your hands over the fumes carefully. Take in the steam till the fumes dry up the lemon-sugar mixture.
5. Some use balms (like Vicks) on henna after scrapping the crust off. It is said that these balms stimulate the colour and help penetrate henna into the skin. Avoid these mistakes for better results
1. Do not wash your hand with soapy water, or the henna will fade away faster.
2. Do not use hair cleaning products or tools; it may scrape the upper layer of your skin along with the mehendi.
3. Avoid contact with water for a good six to 12 hours post application for best results.
4. Do not over use the sugar and lemon mixture, it could give the mehendi a deep brown or darker red colour.
5. Never use a blow dryer on your palms. This may make the henna bleed and ruin the design. 6. Avoid having too much liquid just before the application, and sitting in direct sunlight while applying henna.

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