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Live on the edge

If there is any nail art that suits short and long nails equally, it is geometric nails. This style is good for parties as well as everyday routine. It just makes the hands stand out. This tutorial might be a bit more complex then what you are regularly used to. But all you need is a little practice with proper tools and you are all set. You will need: · 4 opaque nail polishes in bright colours · Opaque taupe nail polish · Thin striping brush · Top coat and base coat How to 1. Apply double coats of opaque taupe nail polish on all nails. Don’t wait for it to dry and proceed to the next step. 2. Work with one colour on all nails at a time. First, using the striping brush paint black lines on all the nails. Work slowly and take your time perfecting the lines. If you are unsure about anything, paint the lines first on a piece of paper to get a good grip on the brush and perfect the sharpness. Clean and dry your brush before starting on the nails. 3. Using the clean brush, paint bright green lines right next to the black lines. Using a neon colour next to the dark one will make it pop out even more. Clean and dry your brush. 4. Repeat the above mentioned step in a similar manner using your third nail polish. 5. Using the same cleaned brush, add white details to your thumb, point and ring fingers. 6. Clean up around cuticles and apply a couple of coats of clear fast drying top coat. Allow sufficient time for the nails to dry. 7. If your lines don’t turn out straight the first time, go over each line again repeating steps 2-5. Then proceed to step 6.

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